I've been tossing an idea around in my head for a while for a custom guitar. Basically what I want is a strat body with two HBs and a four knob/three-way toggle control setup, like a Gibson. I have no way to cut my own body, though. So, I was looking at Warmoth stuff, and I was wondering if I could just order a strat body routed for two humbuckers and with a rear-routed control cavity with no holes drilled, then just (carefully) drill the holes through the finish and wood myself.

Requirements are that I can fit an output jack, two volume and two tone and a three way toggle in the cavity, and have them back far enough that I won't whack my hand off any of the controls when I play, meaning everything has to fit pretty much behind the bridge.

Does anybody know if this is at all possible? Anyone have experience with Warmoth strat bodies of this type?
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ive got s tele custom with that same setup, the 3 way, 4 knob, 2 HB. i think if you talk to warmoth they could drill the holes for you, just to save you the chance of f-ing it up. but I cant see why it wouldnt be doable. i know they have telecaster custom bodys that you could do that with if your not dead set on the stratocaster style... cause i hate the switch location on em.

i recommend doing some push/pull pots for coil splitting as well... its a fun little option i just wired into mine, makes a $300 guitar sound and have versitility of a much higher end.