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[such as
- Super Mario
- Mexican Hat Dance
- Disney Songs
- Pokémon Theme Song
- Power Rangers Theme Song
- Teddy Bear Picnic]

^^^My examples
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super mario(Actually pretty hard)
adams family
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I did a bossa-nova version of "Manah Manah" from the Muppets on a heavily distorted 7-string and double bass drums... wonder if I still got that somewhere...
Tetris theme tune.
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Halloween theme
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Gay Bar by Electric six.
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hmmm the exorcist theme haha
or chocobo theme from final fantasy
also know "those who fight further" (boss theme from 7)
and final fantasy epilouge tune
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hollaback girl, some rap songs
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lol once i was outside playin with my friends around a bonfire and i heard a Mr. Softee in the distance and i started playing along to its theme song randomly, it was really wierd considering i've never played it b4, but it was funny
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']Gay Bar by Electric six.

same. And when im noodling around I also work out all the melody lines to to nursery rhymes and TV adverts. I may be the only person here able to play the muller light yoghurt advert on guitar.
Adams Family on Bass...
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']Gay Bar by Electric six.

haha same

for the mario people: good tabs on this site for it?
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Power Rangers Theme Song
King of the Hill

+1 to you sir..those were going to be my contributions but you beat me to it
spongebob theme tune
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part of the inspector gadget theme, oompa loompa theme too
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Power Rangers

I want out - Helloween

Jingle Bells Rock

Super Mario Theme
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Spongebob theme music.
Not the theme song, but the music they play during the episode.
Well I've gone through several themes... can only remember tetris at the moment.

FF7 Boss battle too but that's just plain awesome

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hm, christmas songs, some TV theme songs, but the Pink Panther theme song in SKA def. tops them all. sounds pretty flippin sweet actually (i think it's by HiStandard):
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Power Rangers theme song. I play it every time I go to a guitar store, I've yet to get a response. So, I'll keep doing it.
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Well if it counts, Dueling Banjos, you know, the theme from Deliverance.
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the home depot song while yelling freedom

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Last Resort - Papa Roach. It's actually got quite a nice riff to it.

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