Poll: Do you prefer hybrid/mixed string gauges?
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View poll results: Do you prefer hybrid/mixed string gauges?
7 39%
Yes, light top / heavy bottom
7 39%
Yes, heavy top / light bottom
3 17%
Yes, other
1 6%
Voters: 18.
I've been using 9's so far... liked the feel of the bottom (E, A, D) strings but wanted to try something thicker on the G, B, E, so have just switched to mixing 9's and 10's to get:

10, 13, 17, 24, 32, 42

... so far, so good.

Do you mix-and-max to get the individual string gauges you prefer?
i really dont care what gauge my strings are
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I use a standard set of 10-46's, but with a 11 on the high E instead of the 10.
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I use the hybrid slinky's not that crazy about EB strings; just like the 9's and the heavier bottom.
I like F'ckin thick all the way across, like 11, 15, 22, 30, 42, 54 for my electric.
My brother mixes and matches, but that's just cuz he doesn't care
Right now he says he's got 12, 15, 18, 30, 42, 54.
but i think he's just making up numbers lol.
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I use 9-46 for Drop D which all my band's songs are in and 12-60 for my death metal stuff which is in B Standard with a dropped A
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not really...but I used Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottom.
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I wouldn't say I prefer hybrids but I do like a heavy top when I use 10's. I prefer 11's and 12's though.
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Is it okay to use a set of gauge 11 strings in standard E tuning? My friend said that it isn't good for the neck / strings to have them that tight for standard E. I call bs on my friend.

Btw I use a set of 11s. Before I had mixed 9s top and 10s bottom.