so i've been using elixir strings, they are stainless. i asked my dad to buy me some strings, i wrote down the gauge and everything so he could just go and ask for what i wrote.

but he brought me "dean markley" strings. they say blue steel and that are cryogenic activated. it doesn't say they are stainless. so if you've ever used this strings, are they stainless??? i have sweaty hands so i really need stainless strings.


feel free to correct my grammar/speling, english is my second language.
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Im not sure whether they are or not, but they claim to have sustained life in them so i wouldnt worry about sweaty hands. Just wipe the strings down after every time you play to get rid of all the dirt that clusters around the strings.

EDIT: All the other strings by Dean Markley are nickel plated so i guess these are too
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