take your alibis
shove them threw your eyes
singing lullabies
wont put the deceased
any more to sleep

step stares of devotion
"I would'nt dare to look away"
climbing with broken crutches
"what happened to the escalator?"

In sickness and in health they say
crawling knees first, to greet the emergency exit
you stand in my way, blocking retinal sights
"honey its been a long day"
"lets just call it a night"

you say you choose your fights wisely
well whys your sword always drawn
i tried telling the bank teller
that my account was overdrawn

and she gave me this
a ticket for a carouselic escapade
that we're already on
you get off on the notion

going against the motion of the waves
i forget to swim
drowning in the profound knowledge that i,
i can never win

i still need to do work on it...but i want to see what yall think before i do
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
i love the "step stairs of devotion" this is my favorite song so far, and i've looked through ALOT of songs ^^