[SIZE=7]COLOR=DarkOrange]What is the difference between a epiphone les paul and a gibson les paul
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edit: thats quite the n00bish question i must say.
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better hardware, usually better pickups, and better comstruction and more attention to fine details. That being said, for the price there really is no noticeable difference between an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul and say a Gibson Standard, I think id rather the Epi, because of the money you'd save
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You can't simplify THAT much. There are too many models of Epis and too many models of Gibsons to compare in general terms.
epiphone is like a sub brand owned by gibson ! its basicly a copy of the original Gibson Les Paul ! .do a search and u'll find details ..also look on youtube ...u can find some comparison vids there

good luck