It is summer her in Mass, and it is insanely hot. (100)

I have an Ibanez s, and i am wondering:

Would it better to keep the thing upstairs, where it is hot and humid, or
in the basement, where it is cool and damp, or is it not safe to have it on the stand at all.

How potentially could the guitar be affected by the heat/humidity, or the cool/dampidity

thanks in advance,

-Sam R

Ibanez s470DXQM
Roland 120 jazz/chorus

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Leave it upstairs. You do not want to get your guitar damp. I think that large changes in temperature can put your guitar out of tune
i live in the eastern hemp as well. i just keep my gibsons in their cases on the first floor where is always air conditioned. you are familiar with what type of finish your guitar has no?
Yeah it was like 103 here yesterday without humidity factord in,I think you should probably leave it upstairs.
It gets to 120 (hottest) degrees here, we had to practise promotion stuff outside in 110 degrees today!

But on topic, find the coolest part of house and find a conveniant (sp?) spot to put it in.