I don't know, I've heard bad things about z brand guitars.


EDIT: Okay, you're faster than me with the edit button. Nonetheless, what brand is it?
Gitano? I've never heard of it.

And judging by the fact that he never mentions the brand and the number of spelling mistakes in the description...
Gitano is Spanish for gypsy...

The closest google result was Gitano... JEANS.
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Gitano is Spanish for gypsy...

The closest google result was Gitano... JEANS.

Haha, I did the SAME search.

So...the conclusion is, NO!

Not necessarily because the guitar is made poorly or with poor materials, but you have no way of trying, no way of knowing more about it, no way of proving anything listed is true, no reviews to read, etc.
i wouldn't. for a few reasons. the main one being floyd rose tremolos are a bitch to work with if your new to them. even if your not new to them they ca be a major pain in the ass. plus i've never heard of that brand.
"it Comes With Electric Cords!"

Buy It!

EDIT: don't take me seriously, I'd probably kill myself if you did
This is a great solid playing guitar, with low action and A great maple neck. It has 1 single coil pickups and 2 HumbuckerS! It has locking nut installed on your guitar! (wtf?)

Complete with Deluxe Grover style tuners for accurate tuning, licenced by Floyd Rose Termolo bridge with whammy bar. It comes with the electric cords!

Pft, who the **** needs a backup guitar in a gig with this beast?
Hmm a guitar from a company nobody seems to have heard of. It doesnt even have a serial number. Sounds like a really good deal.