Hey guys, im a poor, jobless dude in need of some goood sounding overheads.

Ive been looking at both these mics, 1 of the reasons being because they come in Pairs and the second being there cheap and apparently sound goood.

Speaking to Dream Pin, he told me never to mention the words Awsome and behringer in the same sentence again. So im guessing he thinks there crap.

But me being the happy fellow i am, the question is do i spend 65 pounds on the Sasmons or 45 on the Behringers ??



Im looking for a gooood "Cymbal Sizzle" for all styles, but mainly metal

Thanks alot guys
Peace and love xXx
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I recorded drums with a Behringer C1 once. Results were okay but nothing to shout about.
Im not sure about the C2, how much better it is.
The Samson C02 is nice for vocals, but ive never tried it with the drums.

Personally i'd go with the Samsons 'cause Behringer mics aren't exactly known for having outstanding quality...

EDIT: It really depends on how confident you are with mixing; you can really improve the sound of the drums in the mix. On the other hand, you can really ruin them in the mix.
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Samson. I enjoy their condenser microphones in general. The B2's lose a lot of subtlety in their recordings, but are not awful.
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