I am not sure how many here listen to Lamb of God, but if you do and know how to get the tone they have for their bass I would appreciate any suggestions. Their tone is a "ratcheting" sound. That is the best I can describe it. It seems to be a unique sound in some ways because I have only heard it in Lamb of God music. ><
Use a coin as a plectrum? Sounds pretty 'ratchetey' to me. Sounds quite awful actually.

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I have no idea how you'd go about EQing it. John uses both the Peavey Millennium BXP and some Jackson model, which have humbuckers IIRC. And he uses a pick.

He has a custom-built Sage as well, but I have no idea how often he uses it.

John sounds pretty mid-heavy compared to most bassists, but he still has a good low-end presence. My guess is that a mid boost is involved somewhere in there. He definitely uses a pick.
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Use a coin as a plectrum? Sounds pretty 'ratchetey' to me. Sounds quite awful actually.

NO! That is very bad for your strings, don't do that.
In terms of his gear he plays a Peavey Millenium BXP or a Jackson (I forget the model) with a pick, through a Mesa Boogie rig (Again I forget the model's, this is coming from memory from an interview)
A lot of what they play is in Drop D, and in terms of EQing, ermmmmmm, try boosting your low end and mid's? I'm really no expert on EQing, but it his tone is pretty bass heavy from what I can tell.
Doing a bit of testing with a pick (which I normally never use!) I found that playing close(er) to the saddle gives more of a ratchety sound, but it makes it quite metallic ><