This is a work in progress. I feel there are changes to be made and thats where I need a little help. Thanks.

Sixth finger

In a world of contemporary art,
Do you really want to bore me?
I can see your silently pleading
But its too heavy for me here

If I deny the only conception
Can I still impregnate you?

Always opening with a crowning
But never ending with a simple goodbye

Blaming the schizophrenia,
Its the fashionable thing to do
Its a route I can always follow.
But your eyes are still aching

That abstract idea
Hangs around your necklace.
If I deny your only evolution
Will I be able to hold your sixth finger?

Always opening with a proposal
But never ending with a simple goodbye

Rushing to the finish line
But reaching it to find my feet in a noose

I'll of course return any critisicm.