Ok, so I got a DigiTech Bad Monkey yesterday and so far I love it. It is everything everyone said it would be. Really tight and def helps with tone of my amp. Best $50 bucks so far. Also I did a Searchy first.

But - i really need it to stand behind my DigiTech RP250 multi box.

Reason? I need the tuner, the other effects (seperatly of course) and other reasons.

First off, when I use the Bad Monkey the RP250 is in bypass.
Second, when I use the RP250, the Bad Monkey is turned off. Just wanna get that out of the way. Guitar > RP250 > Bad Monkey > Peavey

The RP250 supposedly has 'true analog bypass' and to be honest I hear no degredation. I just wanna make sure I'm OK here in doing this and won't hurt anything. Again, I hear no Tonal difference with chain this way as I've spent some considerable amount of time trying it seperately and chained.

Any thoughts? Am I OK here?

thanks in advance
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^yep - that is the way i have it - tnx

otherwise - okie dokie?

and IbanezPsycho I am to turn the Gain on amp down to like 1 right and use the BM gain for tweak? I've heard you should turn it to zero on amp but if i do that i get nothing.

Bad Monkey works well on both Clean and Dirty channel.
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I would but the rp250 first then the bad monkey. Modellers usually dont like pedals or high level inputs..

That's a thought. Inversing them and see what works for u best, unless the RP has an effects loop option then u can just put it in there.
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You wanna leave the amps gain where your like it and se the bm like this: level 10 gain 0 and treble and bass to taste. This way you push the preamp and power amp harder and get more gain.
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put gain on your amp up and gain on bad monkey down, then put the level on the bad monkey all the way up

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Cool thread, your thinking is a lot similar to mine. I used to have an RP250 and recently upgraded to an RP350. (Found it on clearance, last one in stock at a local music store ... sold the used RP250 for more than I paid for the brand new 350 ) I agree, these don't seem to suck or color the tone at all other than the effects that are applied. I've tried both the 250 and 350 on several different amps (tube and SS) and as long as decent cables are used can't tell if it's plugged in bypassed or not plugged in.

I used to use my RP250 in front of the amp but have been doing some experimenting with the "chain" recently. Now I'm running my guitar in front of the amp, and the 350 in the amp's effects loop and am actually liking it better that way. I'm basically using the RP350 as a floor tuner, a noise gate, a volume pedal, an EQ, and an effects box for effects that work well between the preamp and power amp. This is working out very well except I'm not liking compressor and distortion or overdrive/boost between the preamp and power amp.

I'm using my amp's 2nd channel for a medium crunchy tone which does work great, but that is only one level of crunch or distortion that can't be easily adjusted while on stage. For the stuff I play I like to have a couple or 3 different levels of distortion with different EQ settings. So after some stompbox testing I've decided to pick up a compressor and overdrive/booster pedals to run in front of the amp, instead of modeling that stuff in the RP350 in the loop. Probably going with a DOD Milk Box for the compressor, and probably a Digitech Hot Head or a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive for OD/boost. I still use the RP350's metal amp modeler in the loop for one high gain patch, but it's a patch I never use on stage so I'm not too picky about that one. Except for that one metal patch I'm bypassing the amp modeling on every patch and using the basic coloring of my amp's preamp.

When the stompboxes are added this setup is going to put OD and compressor in front of the amp where I want it, and everything else will be in the loop where I want it. I'm putting the RP350, the two stompboxes, and the amp channel switch on a small powered pedal board with carry bag. So I'll be able to walk in with amp in one hand, a little pedal board in the other, and the guitar in a backpack gig bag. It will be an extremely versatile but still portable and good sounding setup.
^ yep so Kevin and gtr101 i had the amp gain at like 1 and Bad Monkey at like 7 and it seemed to work great. dirty and clean channels.

i guess i mis-read that amp gain should be up and BM gain down. i'll still try that too tho.

and Hunter33 - i have not even begun to put this config in effects loop but i guess that might be a next step (running out of cables lol).

i will say it again tho for those in a similar situation, the Analog Bypass on the Digitech RP series seems to work well for true bypass. Best of both worlds so far i think.

tnx guys, as i'm in transition here.

PS - i have a 30 day return so if anyone thinks an EQ pedal would be even better i might be willing to spend the extra $$ for that instead.