Ok, I kinda need help on this. My guitar, a B.C Warlock, has a bending problem. I go on the 17th fret on the high E string and try to get one full bend. It skips a full bend and goes to a 1 and a half bend and sounds horrible. I tried changing lots of things with it but still won't work. Can someone help me please
what tuning are you playing in

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Quote by Heartika
the problem is its a bc rich

Go away. Your problem is that you hopped on a dumb bandwagon and as a result need to stop speaking.

TS: Can you describe the problem a little more clearly?
yeh i would ahve to agree its cause its a BC rich, god is punishing u for buying a very ugly looking guitar which terrible tone and just horrible ness, its a subtle hint from him that u shouldnt play it, buy a nice natural feeling guitar

jus in jest btw do no but in a banning or what ever on this.. btw im guessing its just a hitch with the guitar, like how my guitar sounds **** on the 6th fret on the 3r string unless its in an amp at pushed overdrive, just part of the guitar, work around it, eventually you wont be able to play with out it!
Usually I play in regular tuning but now it's in dropped C tunning.
It use to never do this but this month it happened.
Quote by feross
everything else bend perfectly, besides the damn 17th fret

Then it's probably a hardware issue of some sort, maybe take it to a shop and see if you can get an answer.
I was thinking of that, but I want to see if I can get any answers he before I have to pay.
Quote by Heartika
the problem is its a bc rich

Hey isn't it funny that you make fun of bc rich, but yet....... according to your gear you have one. I Think its funny. and just remember bc rich knockers everywhere there is no such thing as a natural shaped guitar. Trees dont grow in les paul and strat shapes, they rise from the ground shaped like trees, cut down, and then made into strange shaped guitars. Just a good reminder, some of the most popular body styles of guitars took decades to grow accepted, and now they are icons (v, explorer, but not the reverse v.). on topic though you could be bending it too hard, or just maybe your action is too low, or maybe a raised fret. Keep Rockin bc rich to PO all the naysayers.
check your frets?
otherwise just practice your technique
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Quote by feross
everything else bend perfectly, besides the damn 17th fret

I swear man!!! I have this exact same problem with DEAN's ....lmao

I can do any bend i want except a high-e bend on the 17th fret..
I have never had any problem on any other guitars..
I havent found a DEAN yet that I have done it on successfully.
I once played 7 of them on display..and went 0-7.
The note always just fizzles out and dies..lol..oh well...
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