ive been receiving electric shocks through my guitar strings for qutie some time now. at a recent gig of ours, I had to change my amp power supply before the gig cos the old one failed. the amp uses standard three pronged plugs, but I could only find a two pronged plug to replace it and had to use that. could this be the reason why now im getting all these shocks, seeing how the current in our garage is quite unsteady, and two pronged plugs are not grounded? I use EMG pickups, which are internally grounded, so im assuming the problem might not be related to grounding issues in the guitar.

Id like to know what u guys think..I'd really appreciate any help or/and advice!!

Dude, if you're supposed to be using a grounded cord, use a freaking grounded cord!
You weren't grounded. Either bad cord, or bad wiring. I once played at a bar where they had no grounding and we practically went through electro-shock therapy.

But in your case...IT'S OBVIOUSLY BAD CORD!

That third prong is freaking important, you monkey!


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seriously fix it now. look up Keith Relf

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heh yeah i know man, I've been thinking about what the problem could be for a week, and when I realized the **** up ive been doing it seemed too stupid to be true, so i just HAD to check!
yeah man, the grounding is very important. u could like, die or something

PS hey samuwel, nice quote!
yeah what they said. and 2 prong plugs arnt grounded. 3 prong adapters have a little copper tab with a hole, you use that to ground. you unscrew the screw holding the plate of the outlet on, you put that screw through the hole in the tab, screw it in and you're grounded.

that i'll be hard as hell to do in the 10 minutes you have to set up in a dim bar, but you have to work that out yourself

or you can wear thick rubber gloves
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