mmmk i dunno the style is kinda different, dont know what it'd be called really...southern rock maybe? has a vocal track in there but no words yet haha but still sounds fine if thats turned off. tell me what you think
Corner Store with vocals.zip
Rock On

I like it. The overall song + rhythm is great.
Nice job dude.
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sounds kinda punk/ska/bluegrass. needs a horn line in it...

lol. i like it.
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Uber cheese!

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like it though, it's catchy if not a little silly. I feel like I should be riding a horse in a western movie as I listen to it. Almost sounds countryish to me.

It might benifit from a little more rhythmic variation, and it's definitely one of those types of songs that needs a great vocal track, but yeah I can't think of much to really criticize.