this is an article i had to write for my writer's craft class... i'm posting this for anyone who is bored and looking for something to do...it's kinda long so read it if you want and post your comments.
(some minor formatting problems just because i had it in columns on word with some pictures interspersed. i know there is one grammar error, where i used disinterest instead of uninterest plus the appropriate suffix.)

“Foxy Shazam?!” – I paused my game, which had, essentially, been the whole of my existence for the day, my life-blood, if you will. Not going to school isn’t much fun if you don’t have anything to do; except get to the next level.
“Yeah, Foxy Shazam.”
“…I’ve never heard of them, they sound pretty…gay.” Maybe the proper tern would have been, different.
“Man, they’re ****ed. I was reading an interview with the guy from “The Fall of Troy”, and he was asked how he felt about Foxy… All he had to say was, ‘It should be interesting.’ Apparently, they put on a wild show.”
“Whatever, I just wanna see ‘Tera’, so as long as they’re there, I’m going.”
“Alright man, I’ll call you closer to six, and we’ll figure everything out.”
“Peace dude.”
Still pleasantly surprised by the fortunate turn of events that day, I hung up the phone, and turned my game back on. Shortly after which, I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. Not because a heightened amount of excitement had masked my hunger, but, because if no one is home to cook me something, I think I’m too lazy to do it myself – I’d rather just be hungry.
2 Hours, Pre – Concert:
Frantically, I perused the realms of MySpace, the only portal to my night’s itinerary, searching for an explanation under the “Upcoming Shows” section, and beside the date, 28 Apr 2008, it should have said “Salt Lounge W/ Fall of Troy.” That’s what it said last night, but, somehow, someone had altered this vital piece of information, solely to spite me, the ONLY Tera Melos fan in London. Now, on their previously mentioned schedule, it also read “- WE ARE NOT PLAYING.” Just hours before the planned show, why would someone do this to their loyal fan(s)?
In desperation, I flung myself into the first link I found, plunging myself onto a page called “The Apparatus” Where Tera Melos houses their feeble forum, with about 25 members. After being warned by Tom that I may fall victim to an insidious phishing scheme that could rob me of my essential MySpace information, simply by leaving this page, I continued. With currently (0) members online, I took a shot in the dark. I made haste, and scrambled to make a user account so I could post my inquiry on the forum, simply asking something to this effect: “Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, did you cancel the show.” Hopes crushed, I made my way to The Basement of Broken Dreams, and gamed away my sorrows, the most apparent form of catharsis available to me at the time. It wasn’t long thereafter, when I received that call that changed it all. A friend, who I had not spoken with in years, not because of a falling out, just because of distance and disinterest, was the one who revived my faith in this concert experience. He, who had just been on MySpace, was unaware of any changes to schedule. Refusing to believe my ears, I checked for myself, and under today’s date, it NOW read, “-WE ARE PLAYING.” So what was the confusion, one may ask? Out of curiosity, I checked The Apparatus to inquire about whether my inquiry had been answered, surely by some inquisitive fellow. Responding to my post, was a member of the band itself, informing me that Canada sucks, and they are never coming back, so I better attend the show, because they were not allowed in the country to play a show that day unless they paid about $500. In order to get around the fee, they had to cancel all evidence of their show until they got across the border. Whoever said Canada was a free country anyways? All quips aside, that really sucks for a band that barely makes any money at all.

Thirty Minutes, Pre-Concert
Having rushed out the door so fast I had to return three times to get stuff, miscellaneous objects of various purpose that I had foolishly forgotten, I was noticeably shaken. Or maybe, Grand Theft Auto really does impact impressionable youth, you never know. Eyeing a Police officer, driving in my opposite direction down Commissioner’s Road, I quickly concocted my escape, and no sooner did I consider it, had I realized that I was not a wanted criminal, or on the run from the law. Considering keeping that thought to myself, I continued to follow the directions that, at the time, I didn’t deem important enough to be written down. Reconsidering my stance, I made a mental note to write things down from now on. After conquering the hilly terrain of Westmount, and acquiring an ally for my trip, onward we traveled, into the depths of downtown London, in search of free parking relatively close to the Salt Lounge.

Concert Time
It’s six thirty, and where the hell are the bands? I have definitely never been to a show that started so early, but that is what was advertised so, to be sure that I wasn’t going to miss out, that’s when we got there. Despite my impatience, when the time came, I was overwhelmed by an eclectic mix of curiously random noises and indie inspired math metal (a sub-genre of metal, where time signatures are creatively changed throughout the song). Having, however foolishly, picked a spot at the front of the stage, I got my groove on and experienced a spectacle, separate from the music. Ending their set, the singer, Nick Reinhart meekly shout out, “We’re Tera Melos, I know you didn’t come to see us, but thanks for listening.” Two bands later, after witnessing the seemingly average, clearly strung out, vocalist of Foxy Shazam swallow two lit cigarettes, break dance his entire set, commit seemingly endless stage dives, and finally, unscrew his drummer’s high hat and place it on his head, shortly after which his drummer was instructed to hit it, and he did. Foxy Shazam was a truly, ethereal and “spooky” experience, feeling noticeably frightened when the keyboardist, who freakishly resembled a werewolf, began to howl. I had a great time. When the final band had finally got on stage, the crowd had seemingly tripled since the first act, and I was clearly growing more uncomfortable amongst the rising number of bodies. A phobia of large numbers of people and tight spaces, things could have quickly turned sour, but it was barely on my mind once The Fall of Troy began to play. Not a fan of their recorded work, I found the live show to display a more mature sound that I appreciated more. Blazing guitar solos and raw vocals, Thomas Erak, lead singer and guitar player, is a force to be reckoned with. With Reinhart, surely feeling slightly jaded as his best friend, lead of a massively popular band, was receiving a blistering reception from his fans, while hours before he and his mildly popular band received a lukewarm response from the same crowd, he still joked around with his pal partaking in on stage antics. On my way out I made sure to buy a second Tera Melos shirt, so I would have something more to remember the night than just a week of ringing ears.
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“…I’ve never heard of them, they sound pretty…gay.” Maybe the proper tern would have been, different.

Misspelling. I noticed it while skimming.
that read like a bunch of babbling nonsense, you need to learn how to form more coherent ideas, even if it is stream of consciousness.
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that read like a bunch of babbling nonsense, you need to learn how to form more coherent ideas, even if it is stream of consciousness.

it's a creative writing class, and the point is that it's supposed to be a slightly hectic piece of non fiction with some light comedy, and yeah, like you said it's a stream of consciousness, emulating what realistic thoughts are, rather than unrealistic logue's (mono and dia) found in shotty writing styles.
ever heard of the book ulysses? highly regarded as one of the best, if not the best, novels of all time and is a stream of consciousness and probably the most confusing and incoherent book to read.
I quite liked it. I dunno why, it just seemed a pretty cool read, better than the majority of threads in The Pit

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I quite liked it. I dunno why, it just seemed a pretty cool read, better than the majority of threads in The Pit

thanks bra, my teacher is english, as in from england, so i wrote it appealing more to that type of comedy, which americans seem not to appreciate as much.