Should I get a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, Schecter C-1 ATX, or Schecter C-1 Blackjack?
Pretty much all of them are the same animal, except for a few electronic things. What amp do you have and what do you plan on playing?
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Check on fret sizes

I got a shcecter damien and everythings great apart from the extra large frets
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EDIT: I didn't like the active EMGs, and the Hellraiser didn't seem to play as fast as my Blackjack. I almost traded my Blackjack for a Hellraiser but I was unimpressed with two Hellraisers that I ordered from MF. The Blackjack is the best-playing C-1 I've played.
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I have the exact same queery, except the seven string versions. The only differences are pickups, body paint job and a few other minor differences.
The ATX has the Seymour Duncan Blackouts which are supposed to be a little bit than the Hellraiser's EMG's, particularly with a clean setting. The ATX is a little bit cheaper and because there less people who own them, you'll be a little more unique looking holding something like the ATX.
But if you want a more classic rocking guitar with more tonal options, go for the blackjack. It has Seymour Duncan JB's and '59's which are renowned for being brilliant at both clean and distortion. But they won't be as heavy and gain induced as the Blackouts or the EMG's.
So I guess its down to your musically tastes and what you need the guitar for?
have u checked out any Ibanez?
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