Okay, I've looked up tutorials, and searched the GB&A forums on talkboxes, and I'm pretty confident I know how to make one. However, I still have a couple of burning questions and things I want to clear up before I jump in, eager to play Living on a Prayer. I'll try and keep it all as clear as possible.

So, the signal comes out of the enclosed speaker, up the tubing, into your mouth, and is amplified through the PA via a mic, right?

It basically bypasses your guitar amplifier... so you'd need some kind of footswitch to change between Amp and talkbox?

And as it bypasses the guitar amp, won't the signal just be the tinny, clean signal of the PC speaker? What I'm getting at here is that, once the talkbox is switched on, the tonal change is going to be huge, isn't it? Could stomp boxes, say a distortion, work in unison with the talkbox?

Think that's everything I need to know. I'll edit if I remember anything else
The answer is Yes to all ur questions except for the last section. I doubt using distortion in unison with a talkbox might be a good idea. The talkbox should provide gain on its own. Don't worry about the "tonal differences"... it's a talkbox, it's supposed to sound different. Maybe using an EQ along with it wouldn't be bad, but it's not a big deal since u could eq with the pa system.
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i made mine the same way i think you are doing(pc speaker and some tubing) and since i didnt gig or anything i would just plug it into the line out of my amp and play it that way and if youre just playing at your house or something you probably wont need to amplify it as it is loud enough to hear, just not loud enough for a gig. if you set it up with a switch you could put it at the end of your effects chain and use effects with it but it does get a more tinny sort of sound when it goes through the pc speaker but i usually would just turn my tone knob down on my guitar and it would give some of the thickness back. only other tips i can give you is to try and make the enclosure as sound proof as possible because it can still get kinda loud in the box.
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Thanks for the response.

Am I looking at a standard A/B switch to flick between talkbox and amp?

I guess I'll just have to experiment with effects... all seems pretty straightforward, I'm definitly gonna give this a go. Should probably look into getting another mic, as I have a vocal mic, but I'm sure backing vocals and a talkbox would have to be EQ'd differently on the PA.