I play guitar, twin bro on Drums (they're electric in this) we were testing out a friends new set up and like, we didn't really mix it at all or anything, this is what we got.. If you like it and ask, I'll give you equip I guess. Umm let me know what you think! It's all original, and no vocals, I was going to add bass (cuz our bassist has been slacking and I teach him the parts, but we're about to find another bassist..) but I decided it wasn't TOO neccessary and it was way too hot to stay around for a bit longer.. Soo here ya have it!

~Enjoy and critique please!

I've gotta say, while it sounds alright, it's very repetitive and predictable, it's not really doing anything new at all. I thought to myself 'here comes a clean bit' 5 seconds before it did, so maybe think about writing from outside the box a bit, throw in something unexpected here and there. It's all about keeping the audience's attention when you're playing in a genre overflowing like this one. Instead of straight repeats, maybe do a slight variation each time? Play the same riff in a different position or harmonize it? Small things like these will go miles to keeping the listener's attention
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Yeah, if I had time to record rhythm tracks it'd probably be less repetative, and we're kind of writing for vocals, and have you know an unoriginal setup, like you stated. for vocals, but once we can find a killer vocalist, we'll get into more sophisticated songs.