Ok I've had an MPC 2000 for a few months now. These things are brilliant and work wonders with drum programming but they're only built with RAM memory, which obviously means i can't save any work so it all has to be done in one session which isn't great.

A friend of mine has a SCSI drive for his MPC which he's had for years and i was wondering if anyone knows where I can pick one of these up cheap, with the disks included.

I've checked out eBay but im not really 100% sure what I'm looking for. Are these things all the same, like just a standard SCSI drive?
I've never worked with these units before but they seem to be fairly old...


Also look into programming on the computer. you can send midi out using a computer sequencer and send it to any MIDI device.

I dont know anything about SCSI drives but all the computer store sources I have are selling them for at least $700...

in the end you could get something like EZDrummer for less money...
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