Alright now I am just a beginner and I want to get something to use when I want to practice without being in seclusion. My question is should I buy the VOX amplug now or wait for two thursdays to get my paycheck and get the pocket pod? I know there is a lot of versatility with the pocket pod but my amp is a fender G-DEC junior. If i wanted to could I use it through that? Any suggestions, My paycheck will be for about $800 but I don't want to buy a new guitar or amp because there is no need for me to. What I have now suits my needs so I am just looking for practicing away from home or in a room not where my amp is.
pocket pod. the vox amplugs arent very versatile and have tons of noise.
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The Pocket Pod, because of the versitility. OR a Line6 Toneport UX1 if you have a computer close to you when you practice.
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i think i will stay away from the toneport just so i can practice without the computer wherever i want.

so if i get the pocket pod all i will have to do is plug my headphones (Bose) into it and will be able to get whatever sound I want?
I was impressed with the amplugs because they are made with actual mini tubes, you get that cranked tube saturated feel, the metal one was pretty good (for 50 bucks), but was a bit to trebelly/harsh.
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PocketPod has more features/effects/customizability.

Amplug is smaller and really simple, but simple means a simple chip board inside, meaning less quality.

Go with the Pocketpod.
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simple means less quality now? lol maybe i misinterpreted...
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I tried the PocketPod and returned it. I bought the Classic Rock Amplug and I use it regularly for practice late at night.

Here's my breakdown:

The PocketPod
- Felt really fragile.
- Had a zillion settings but I wanted quick and easy not scroll scroll scroll through menus.
- The battery died fast meaning I'd need to buy the adaptor and be chained to a socket.

The Amplug
- Has few controls and is easy to use.
- Has long battery life.
- Also feels pretty fragile.

In short;
* If you want a zillion different effects, get the Pod
* If you want a simple micro amp to strum Chords, pick Scales and jam a little, get the Plug.

Quote by slash_rocks2005
simple means less quality now? lol maybe i misinterpreted...

yeah apparently this means a tiny terror isn't good quality
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I decided to get the amplug, it was cheaper and I just could not wait longer. I got the classic rock one and it is kickin'