Im looking to just expand the number of songs i can play to jam with friends, etc, expand my knowledge of rock guitar
Paranoid by black sabbath or crazy train by ozzy
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smells like teen spirit or any other nirvana
some blink 182
maybe some led zeppelin
perhaps hendrix
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hotel california, more than a feeling, you could possibly try stairway to heaven, simple man. look at some classic rock cd's on itunes. they have some of the biggest hits on them.
Alot of Sabbath - Into the void is raw.
Sweet Child O' Mine - Whole song, etc.

Im sure theres a topic about this somewhere.
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Iron man, Smoke on the Water, Bark at the Moon, but that is a little difficult for that level, Paint it Black, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), (Rip Out) The Wings of a Butterfly, 4 Words to Choke Upon. Theyre all relatively easy songs to play, except for the solos, of course.