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Any one know a good music based movie? Could be a musical or a documentary, it just has to be interesting.

Some of my favorites are The Nightmare Befor Christmas, 7 Ages of Rock and Sweeney Tod.
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Spinal Tap, Blues Bros, Once, and the Pick of Destiny are all good music based movies.
pick of destiny!!!
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Across the Universe
The Wall

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Last Days is okay, its about kurt cobain, its kinda confusing though. the doors is a good one.
Blues Brothers, Crossroads, and Black Snake Moan come to mind. So does Almost Famous.

So Straight, No Chaser and the Scorsese Blues films. Especially Soul of a Man.
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I love that movie, Steel Dragon's songs are way to good for a fictional band.
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iv heard accross the universe was really good
and this isn't a musical or documentary, but almost famous was really good
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Fantasia 2000 was great, as well, IMO, but the original was absolutely astounding.

I'll add High Fidelity, to an extent. It's not exactly a music movie, but music plays a MAJOR role in the plot.
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Pink Floyd's The Wall and This Spinal Tap. Bluesbrothers is a classic. I thought Rockstar was a bit...Hollywoodized' and cliched.
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That movie was pretty good.
The Last Waltz is pretty damn good.
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The Six String Samurai
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The Wall hands down
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oh sheeyit, how could I forget Hedwig and the Angry Inch? The broadway soundtrack is amazing (was later made into a movie).
well, my favorite movies of all time are Star Wars, and since Lucas wrote the screenplay around the music recorded for the movie, i would definitely say Star Wars.

but pretty much everything mentioned already is good.

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Are you talking about the Britney Spears Crossroads movie?

no, its much older than that and actually has good music. pretty much in four words, its about the blues
Rockstar sucked. So did Pick of Destiny, although it had its moments.

Spinal Tap, School of Rock, The Doors movie, and Wayne's World are all good though. And The Wall is okay, although it gets boring at times.
ALmost Famous was a killer moive
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