Hello all

I just got a MIG 50 (nearly identical to the bassman/plexi circuit) on Ebay for a steal. I was looking for a Plexi alternative (tight tight budget). It was a toss-up between the MIG and the Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster (also identical circuit, slightly changed for bass voicing). I haven't received my new Sovtek yet, but my question is this:

Besides new jacks, switches, tubes, and pots (notoriously cheap stock parts on this amp) would anyone recommend swapping out any other components for better quality/reliability? I'm told that these amps used generic parts all the way through, and I've heard of folks changing the filter caps right away.

^In the end, I went with the Sovtek because it was absolutely dirt cheap. I hope I don't have to make too many changes to make it reliable.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
I don't have much to say as to your situation, but I would be interested in hearing what the amp sounds like when you get it; I'm interested in getting one myself, of that particular model. Mainly for the same reasons you got it (it's dirt cheap), though I'm probably more interested in the Bassman element of it than the Plexi element...

So, um, drop me a line when you get it, if you don't mind.
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Changing the filter caps is probably the most important thing to do. You should also make sure that resistors haven't drifted too much, and that they are of sufficient wattage.