any cool lessons or exercises that help with picking(plectrum)? im not happy with my control and cant seem to get the rythms i want. is it just sumthing u gotta practice.

o yea and any ideas on how to make your fingers faster(walking style)

left hand exercises would be helpful also.
The FAQ has a little practicing section that details the "spider" (I think... if not, google it). The key to speed is accuracy. Accuracy within each hand, and accuracy in hand co-operation. You can be the fastest person in the world with picking technique, but if your left hand isn't up to it, then it's gash.

Practice the spider technique with a metronome, and don't progress in speed until you can nail straight 8ths or 16ths, nicely rung out, 5 times in a row. And start slow. But every now and then, revisit the slower tempos.

This will work for both fingerstyle and plectrum playing.