Ok guys, summer's here and one the best ways to cook is outside with a grill. The most manly, awesome way to cook ever is with a grill or with a smoker. It's a cool way to chill with friends, have parties, etc. We grill out about once or twice a week, steaks, chicken, brats, hamburgers, stuff like that. Charcoal's the greatest, no propane. I just grilled out tonight.

So, talk about how awesome grillin' is, what you guys cook, how often, propane or charcoal, all that cool stuff.
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We use the grill about every day.
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I grilled some sausages and burgers today. It was f*ckin eh. Bacon on the BBQ is awesome too.

here's my grill
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I love grilling! I grilled today! Couple dogs, ****in' loved it! My family grills an insane amount... 3-4 times a week.

Love it!
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