I saw a pretty amazing car crash today. No one was hurt which was good but it was still a sight. A truck went into the left lane next to a car and made a right turn and actually ran the corner of the hood over... like the truck got stuck on the car. I figure he would have stopped or something but he just kept going and ran right over the hood. It was nuts. Anyway he gets out of the car and asks her what happened ( we talked to the lady since we were witnesses ) and she told him and he gets in his truck and leaves... like no exchanging of information or anything. He just laughed got back in his truck and left.
Pics or it didn't happen
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i caused one once i was crossin the street n a car stopped to let me go n a car hit the bak of it n it spun....i jetted
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Pics or it didn't happen

The blue car is the one that got hit... I didn't post it cus you can hardly see anything but it's a pic. And there's the lady like " wtfnoob ".
I've seen worse. This accident happened right down the road from my place, summer '06.

The wreck

A piece of the car being removed so they could rescue the people trapped inside.

Shielding the injured from view.

A helicopter landing on the highway directly in front of my house and then taking off with the people wounded from the wreck.


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no one fuckin cares
I got in a car accident. I failed to stop at a stop sign (well, I stopped, but that's what the ticket said), and got t-boned. Me and friend were silent for like ten seconds after we got hit, and then I was like.... SHIT, FUCK. I was freaking out about it, but it's kinda funny now that I look back on it.
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Semi-pornographic pics or it didn't happen.

Hendrixfreak93, they your pics? Thats some damn fine definition.
My dad just saw someone get hit and killed by a garbage truck a few days ago.
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I just got in a car crash about a month ago... a lady who was speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, and driving without lights hit me and I got a ticket for running a stop sign that I didn't even run. But since it was late in the day, the cops decided not to do their job and go back to the station and eat donuts...
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Semi-pornographic pics or it didn't happen.

Hendrixfreak93, they your pics? Thats some damn fine definition.

Yes, dad's camera.
I could get back to you on the model/brand.
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no one fuckin cares
On my way to florida during spring break i saw a total of 23 cars in a wreck on the interstate all within a mile of each other. The first (and biggest) was an 11 car pileup, i'm guessing due to tailgating and going 70 mph+... then every thousand or so feet you'd see more random cars in accidents. It was pretty crazy
when i was in New York NY, i saw a cop turn right on an intersection and hit a car head on. he must not have been looking in the direction he was turning because he pulled into the turn lane where the car that got hit was waiting. it was a nice mercedes, looked either brand new or just washed. since it was a cop that hit him, all he could do was facepalm.

btw, the roo bar kept the police car in good shape, merely scratched. talk about a bad day.
one time me and my best friend were talking about how one of our friends always wanted to witness a car crash. the minute we said that there was a car crash right in front of us. we were ****ing scared ****less lol
I'm a fireman, so...yeah...I see tons of that stuff
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So I was driving down the freeway one afternoon, and I drove by this truck when the entire ****ing truck was shaking. I mean, the front axle looked like it was about to pop off. My mom was in the car with me and she's like, "Get away from that!" She freaked out.

It wasn't till I saw what it had done that I got scared.

The front left wheel popped off, hit a car, and caused an entire lane to crash into each other's backs. The truck turned into the car next to it, totaled it, and crashed into the other traffic. Damn.
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I've seen worse. This accident happened right down the road from my place, summer '06.


Holy **** That was my car.
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Holy **** That was my car.

seriously that would be so messed up lol
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