I made this song Cause I wanted to try something quirky random and fun,My main inspiration for this is The Vandals,and lately ive been bored outta my mind, I know its hard to judge a song by words alone, for im working on the actually guitar and bass parts as we speak and hopefully will get it on you tube or something,please leave comments or advice

"Bored" 220bpm Punk rock


Boredom is a trouble thing

Like butter sauce on chicken wings

Imagine all the stupids things

we do when were bored.

It seems like half the world would be a pretty face

with no disgrace if we all had that special place to be.....

Free of Boredom!!( Loud)

Lets think of all the things that make us laugh and entertain

with random hooks lines and gimmicks

me no write books like charles dickens

But hey why not? I'll give it a shot.

Cause Im looking like a total nut

to make my day a blast and such

with all my friends just cracking up

at jokes that make very little sense!?


Cause im bored cause im bored,

and want to exercise my thoughts

with words,****(same as poop lol) , and well grown farmer crops,

Like jason and the argonauts

I'll give it everything I got

to keep all people free......



Time Time don't go away,

I'll love you if you wish to stay

and help me keep my life going slow

Cause theres so much that I want to do

and can't get myself to conquer you

man my mind just won't let it go...

(loud)(solo section)

Im drooling on my thinking spot

like im hooked on beer or pot

Help me save the day and not

be crumbled by my own humanity.


Free of boredom x3
"LIVE and LET DIE...."
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