I am thinking about buying a new cab, and i want the best sound possible. I don't necessarily want to lug around a 4x12, but if theres a difference i will. What would be the differences in sound between a 4x12 and 2x12?
Depends, a 4x12 is loud enough that you won't have to mic it at all, where as a 2x12 is loud as **** but sounds good mic'd. If you are gonna be playing metal or anything tremendously loud then a 4x12 is your friend.
^ Wrong. One won't be louder than the other, the amp decides that. The 4x12 will have a bit of a better bass response, not much else.
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I think one thing you should take into consideration would definitely be the speaker mixing/matching possibilities. In a 2x12 you're limited to 2 speakers, but in a 4x12 you can try 4 to find that just right tone. But that's just what I think lol, I'm usually wrong hehe. Also a 4x12 has somewhat better bass response but is less portable.
2x12. and a 2x12 expansion cab if you need it. also more portable then a single 4x12. also easier to bring only what you need.
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you can use the 4x12 for show, to look impressive and stuff. that's what most big bands do today, with the wall o' Marshalls.