I tried out a few distortion pedals today Including the Metal Zone and Metal Core pedals! Later on though I tried the Metal Master pedal and I was really impressed with it, mainly because I could get it for $50 used. Thoughts on it?
All three suck if you ask me and many around here. You're not gonna get much love here for those pedals.
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Get a Metal Muff. It is alot better than all of those. But if you really like it i guess 50$ used isn't that bad. But if I were you i'd try out a muff too. There only 30 bucks more.
Electro Harmonix makes the Metal Muff. Its rad
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i love my big muff...never tried the metal.
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Yeah. The Metal Muff doesn't sound digital at all. You can get a pretty sweet tone that is better than a lot of the high end amp distortion. It just takes awhile to find its sweet spot. ( I've had this for about a year now. Still not bored with it.)
the metal muff is sweat I would also check out some krank pedals if you can find them
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