alright i'm working to get some pretty good recording done by the end of the summer so i'm looking in advance for what i'll need. i already have production software (propellerhead reason 4.0) but im looking for some recording software like audacity, but professional. any ideas on what the BEST software out there is?
definately pro tools is the best. but sony acid and adobe audition and garageband are pretty good too.
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alright so i got
pro tools>adobe audition>cakewalk~sony acid

but what is most compatible with things like firewire or midi devices?
Its between Protools and Cakewalk Sonar IMO.

Both can do wonders if you know how to use them. I personally use and like Sonar producer.

ProTools is the standard but it doesn't mean its best for anyone...for home studios you should go with something other than ProTools as it gets very expensive to setup.

Sonar does better with MIDI IMO
ProTools is more geared towards Audio.

However both will work with and record both.