i have 2 nice guitars (nice, not mind blowing [they aren't cheap starter guitars, thats why i say 'nice'] ), an Epiphone Explorer, with a solid Korina body, and from Epiphone's site, there are Alnico Classic pups. and the second is a new Schecter Synyster Standard with a mahogany body and Duncan HB-108's. Now before anyone says "get a new amp!", im saving up right now for a Peavey JSX stack, so ill have one in a few months. My amp right now is a Line 6 Spider III 75w, yes i know, it does suck.

now my problem is, with my Explorer, when the amp is turned up passed a certain level, when i take my picking hand off of the strings(palm muting), i get an EXTREMELY LOUD ear piercing sound, almost like a harmonic, but this doesnt go away half the time. so i haven't been using my Ex for practice anymore. which sucks because i love the feel and playability of it. *ALSO* before anybody says "your amp sucks, thats the problem", it cant be because it doesn't do this when i have my Schecter plugged in, it only does it to my Explorer.

So my question to you guys is, what the hell is the problem? is it the pickup? or pots? i have been thinking about upgrading the pups in it to SD Screamin' Demons anyway, since i primarily use it for classic rock stuff. any help guys?
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turn to the treble a little bit.

o sorry i though u where talking about harshness well feedback from spider is a comon problem use a noise gate. ( the build-in one is sucky)
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