I just decided to start trying to sing while playing, and I am looking for some suggestions of fairly easy songs to sing and play at the same time. Jack Johnson would be cool, or anything that you feel would work well. I just learned Violent Femmes "American Music" and can sing to that pretty well if that shows you my ability to sing and play at the same time (lol?). Thank you.
ok real easy one is

your wrong by nofx


creep by radiohead

both acoustic and no picking just stuming and both different stums i had fun with these
song stuck in my head today

champagne supernova by oasis was my first song i sang and played... and now i can play alot of stuff
Thanks for the suggestions, I didn't mean to post this in the beginners forum, oops.
Helicopter by Bloc Party. Very easy to sing along with. First song i played when i realized i could sing and play guitar at the same time
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alot of green day songs
a tout le monde by megadeth
96 quite bitter beings by CKY (this ones real easy to sing and play)
the sacrament - him
stockholm syndrome - muse
give it all - rise against

it all depends on what youre into

I'm looking for clean songs, I guess without power chords seeing as they are easy to sing with.

Edit: Maybe even acoustic songs, Jack Johnson for example, something along those lines. Something I can pick up some babes with