I am a proud owner of a new Dean RazorBack DB (http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/6/1/0/561610.jpg). I love this thing with all my heart. Everything about it is sick(especially the price). I just feel it has some crappy pickups in it and want to know what you guys would recommend throwing on it. Don't get me wrong, I can hit a pinch harmonic on it **** faced drunk all day long, I just think with some higher end pickups this guitar will do me so right for the next 10 years. Am I wrong to say this? Do I totally need to upgrade that hardware? What's everyones opinion on this?
id say swap out the pickups like you said but judging by the specs id say it should last about that long.
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my 2 cents being an owner of a db myself, would be to either go with those synyster gates pickups, or active split coil emgs (im planning on getting the emgs myself but ill probally get a better razorback first maybe a 255 7string) but ot actually depends on what you play
Seymour Duncan Dime-Bucker, its on my razor back and it is totally sic!
I like classical music so much, It gets played on my Dean RazorBack
I'm a metal head at heart. Although I don't discriminate any musical genre as long as there is some sort of technical precision required to play the piece. But yeah, I want this thing to sound like it came straight from the pits of hell.
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Hughes and Kettner 100w Head w/Peavey Cabinet

The most bang for my buck I could get from the used music store when I was a freshman in high school =)
yah 81/81 is what kirk hammett has but wylde use 81/85s i know the guy who did most of the covers in GH1 and 2 uses 85/85 and its a custom set they sell i cant rmember his name though. but emgs with split coil have the most versatility to me being active and singles and doubles theyre probally the best you can get when it come to versatile
pearly gates kick @$$
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I see more jam bands using pearly gates than metal bands.

I suggest:
Seymour duncan 59' set
Seymour duncan sh-4 (bridge)
Seymour duncan Dimebucker
EMG 81
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