I got a new Digitech RP90. It doesnt have USB connection but I want to record songs into my computer.

I heard that you can still connect it to the PC via mic.

You use the output cable that supposed to go the amp to the PC's mic. input.

I need some converter to put in my 1/4 guitar cable to the 1/8 microphone input.

Where could I get one?
one thing i can do is use the axillary output from my amp and connect it to the mic imput on my computer using a cord i found around the house (no idea what it originally went to)
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if you want to connect your guitar directly to the PC Sharper Image (i assume radio shack and other electronic stores sell it as well) sells a guitar thats pretty much like a Squier and it has a USB port and comes with programs for the computer to record with. it comes with an amp like a squier pack does and i think they run for a price similar to squier packs
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