Ok this has been asked i know for sure but search bar didnt give me anything that helped my specifics.When tuning I mknow to tune to EADG but is the fattest one E like on electric or is the lowest tuned to E? Sorry for such a dumb question but im new to bass and was just wandering
Umm....Your lowest sounding string should be tuned to E. If you're a guitar player imagine tuning a guitar -2 strings.
yea sorry phrased wrong by lowest i meant the lowest on the neck beeing highest pitched tuned E
Your strings start at a low E and go up by fourths (ADG).

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On bass it goes E (fattest) A D G (thinnest)
On Guitar it goes E (Fattest A D G B High E (thinnest)

You tune a bass like you would on the 4 thickest strings on a normal electric guitar.

Hope this helps
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