Which idea is more feasible: buy a good wah pedal (thinking of 535F or Dime Wah, but open to other ideas), or get the "Original" crybaby (GCB-95) and throw in the mods?
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Throw in the mods. It will be more personal, therefore you'll care about it more
Get the Original and mod it. You can make it as good as Fulltone or RMC if you wanted, I'm not kidding either.
The Ibanez Wheeping demon is my favorite wah. I have
2 crybabies..a jimi hendrix exp..as well..

It has an adjustable eq. And it has 3 modes..

It can be set to be spring loaded..so it has true bypass
and doesnt activate until you push it down far enough...
so you dont have put that much effort into activating it..
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