hey people, how's everything?

well, i've just buyed a used peavey studio pro 110 (i think they're not making them anymore since like 1998 or something) and i love the sound of it, i love the tone and overall sound...but theres two things that i just dont know and they're bothering me...

first: the Reverb..well i love the sound of it, but it have a noise (im not sure but i dont think any reverb should have it), however im not sure, and ill tell you why, the noise starts only when i crank up the reverb knob, and it stills the same even if i crank up the master volume or not...

and the second one: Well there seems to be a problem with the effect loop, i dont know if im doing somenting wrong (i never had a affect loop before), but when i plug my zoom 505II(i know is not the best one) i can only hear a kinda feedback..and i dont understand why...

Can anybody help me???

thank you all

my studio 112 does the same with the reverb.
with the effects loop make sure your hooking it up right.
youd be surprised how many people dont...
if not, try it inline with your guitar.
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thanks mate, well its good to know that it isnt only mine.

and ill try again with the effect loop.