home made tshirts. since my band is on a budget, here was our idea. buy about 15-20 tshirts (we are just now building our fan base) for .89 at AC Moore. they sell iron on paper i think something like 15$ for 30 sheets. so i figured we could just make a cool black design/font so that it irons on fine and stays their (we dont want absolute sh-it quality) but i figured we could print black logo on a white tshirt. if we sold say 15 shirts, we could take $30 and turn it around and make 150. has anyone else done this? would it also print on redtshirts maybe? because i dont want the printing to be sh-it i do want it to at least look presentable. so yeah any ideas that you could contribute to help would be appreciated
haven't done that, but i think it would be great. when i was last in a band, my friend made me a shirt using a plain zip-hoodie and some clothing paint. turned out well, but it was a lot of work. wouldn't recommend you asking someone to make more than one like that....
Use stencils to paint it on. I bought one and it's held up pretty well.
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Don't just do your band logo either cause no one would ever wear. Be creative, please.
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im not telling you guys to buy one hah, no reason to be as-sholes. we arent going to do this longtime, we just figured we could make 10 or 15 and make some fast money until we can afford to get some real tshirts screen printed
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Well, sell them at your shows. It helps if you actually have some kind of recorded media, too.

yeah, thats what im talking about. just after we play say we have some tshirts for sale, sell em for 10 bucks. id need to make a sick design tho just using black ink so may be troubling
iron ons suck, either learn to silk screen or get stencils and spray paint.
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