Hey everyone

I just snapped two of my strings so i gotta go and get new ones tomorrow.

So the big question

Whats everyones favorite type/brand of strings for electric guitar?

I'm using an esp ex-400 .10 - .46 gauge I've tried Ernie ball and this one other brand (cant remember name) but neither set lasted a really long time or sounded particularly amazing.

thanks in advace
Maiden Rulezzz

Malum Mos Increbresco
DR Strings are my personal favorite as of right now.

Right now I'm using the Dime Hi-Voltage set (9-50). Nice chunky bottom (not quite thick enough for my liking but pretty close). Even with the coating, they still have a very natural feel. I've had this set on for about six weeks and they are still in great condition.

Brands I would reccommend

Dean Markley (Hit and Miss)
Animal intestines seemed to work great for at hundreds of years, so i usually use them.

when i don't have a sacrificial lamb handy for the guitar gods, i usually use Super Slinkys

I've also been trying coated DR's in whatever color tickles my fancy at the time. I also like Dean markly blue steels.

I used to use HEAVY strings (almost like having 7 strings on my 6) but i got sick of hurting my fingers, and i now used a pretty light string (ive changed my playing style a bit too)
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Elixers, when I can afford them (10-42).
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i use Daddario EXL110 10-46. i put them on my guitar at the start of may. before, i used Alice steel strings set and it did not last a month. the steels ate my frets so i replaced them with daddarios. they've been abused and yet it's still in good condition. my next set would be GHS Progressives.
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