They ROCK! I guess they have sick concerts and are all show about it. What do you guys think about them? (sorry if this is kind of pointless, i just want to know what people think of GWAR)
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Well, for a gimmick, I prefer Lordi, because I actually like some of their music. Anyway, this is in the wrong section. Take it to Bands & Artists.
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i dont like em...thats it...
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they're sweet
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Most people just like them because of the live shows, but I like the music as well. Beyond Hell is a good album. I would love to see them live.
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One of my favorite videos on YouTube.
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I saw them live a year or 2 ago. it was fun. they were spewing some sort of green liquid all over everyone
i hate GWAR
i just think the music sucks, and they look intergalactic homosexual dinosaur vikings
I Cant Blame Anyone For Disliking Them But IThink Them Being So Different Has Worked Well For Them. I Only Have A Few Songs But I Like Them.