bands first song at 'tafe' which, i think is the equivalent to college, where i study music and music industry. we tryed to make it epic, i dont know if we did or not though. obviously all the orchestral stuff isnt in there when we play, but we plan to add it when we record it. c4c.
very generic.

but good, nontheless.
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
That was pretty awesome. The bass in the intro/verse part is very well done and Riff 1 sounds really dark and epic. The pre-chorus is a little on the long side, I suggest cutting it in half. The chorus is pretty sweet. I really like the use of reverse cymbals and timpani in the chorus. They're both really great throughout the song, but they really shine there. The instrumental break is amazing. I don't like the part after it, though. The two guitars sound really dissonant almost the whole way through. The outro is pretty cool, but it could use a little something to set it apart from the beginning of the instrumental break. Overall it was an amazing song. 9/10.