I've got about $500 to spend on a new amp.All I have now is an old peavey rage 158 transtube POS. I play heavy music(C.O.C, Down, Crowbar, etc.) and just metal in general.I'm trying to get a sound similar to the bands I mentioned.What kind of amp should I get?
"Buy the ticket, take the ride." HST

Valveking and don't let the 50 watts scare you

although it is fair to say there are other options so listen to what others have to say.

where would you buy from and can you go play thru various amps with your own gear?
I'm in the US, I plan on buying from either good ol guitar center or the mom and pop music store near my house.The small store deals with peavey, marshall,line 6, and fender mostly.
"Buy the ticket, take the ride." HST