I'm actually selling this for a friend. He's a guitar teacher at the music store I work at. He got this in a trade a few years ago while he was on a retro kick or whatever and has no real use for it now.
I'll let it go for $270 shipped OBO.

Here's some pics:

The bag that comes with it is actually an AR15 bag, but it fits, so :lol:.

The guitar itself is in good condition, no chips or major scratches, just a few on the back. The only noticeable thing is the gunk on the front, above the pickups, I guess there were stickers there at one time and left residue.

As for the obligatory references: I've traded/sold/bought a ton on sevenstring.org (check my iTrader), on here and Harmony Central as scarangella, on Jemsite as xerominus and on eBay as xerominus where I have 31 positive feedback (100% pos.).
Good deals with: masterchief101; Abbott
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what is the condition on the trem?
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