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Ok, so today I decided I wanted to record some tracks with my UX2. The last time I used it was probably 2 weeks ago and I haven't installed anything else since, the only thing that's changed is Windows updated to SP3.

Now, I go to plug in my UX2 on the front USB port on my computer, the yellow lights on the gauges come on and then all the sudden just turn off, I try the other one, no luck, it's not drawing power at all from the ports. So, I plug it in the back and for some reason it works.

A window pops up saying new hardware was found and it installs the UX2, which it's already installed (?), so then I open up GearBox, the UX2 isn't recognized and says please connect the hardware, so I unplug it then plug it back in, still no luck. I restart the computer, load up GearBox again and this time it starts up, supposively recognizing the device. I load up a preset and no sound, fiddle with all the knobs on the TonePort itself and on the software, no luck yet again. I restart again.

This time I go to the Monkey and try to update, my UX2 is yet again, not recognized. I unplug and plug it in numerous times until it finally lets me at least update the GearBox software, after that it says it's connected and lets me update the drivers. I load GearBox again and this time there's sound but VERY low and there's a lot of background pops.

So, I uninstall everything completely and I'm back where I started at again.

I tried plugging in some other USB devices to the front two ports to see if there was something wrong with them, as well as the other ones, and the 3 things I plugged in work completely fine. I also tried a different USB cable to the TonePort that I know works for sure.

Also, whenever I was in Monkey I tried to click the connect device button and it would bring up a window and show the UX2, I'd click OK and it'd say unable to connect device. It also wouldn't let me change presets on GearBox and said "Hardware Error, model may not function right or play sound," or something to that effect.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong? I don't get it!
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go to the line 6 site and download the latest monkey and gearbox programs. Maybe the driver updates will fix the problem.