I've posted various times inquiring about specific models, but after playing them (at conservative volumes) my findings are.... inconclusive. Well, I haven't actually played the Blues Deluxe so I'll leave that to someone with experience.

Right now I'm looking for an amp that is suitable for self practice, recording and jam sessions (with a drummer). I'm primarily looking for cleans but OD is a bonus (saves me the price of a pedal).

So far I've been looking at the
-Fender DRRI
-Fender Blues Deluxe
-Peavey Classic 30

+AMAZING cleans (Reverb is sweet too)
+Small enough to crank at jam sessions to get a sweet crunch when needed
-Is it loud enough with a drummer?
-Priciest, looking at about $500-$600 :$.

Blues Deluxe:
+Serviceable Fender Cleans/Crunch
+Volume is no problem.
-Might be too loud?
-I've heard that it sounds pitiful (tonally/reverb wise) next to the DRRI, I might end up with some buyer's remorse if true.

+Great Price ($300)
+Suitable Volume, Cleans, a nice OD channel.
-Cleans were just clean, not the pristine sparkle of the DRRI
-Speaker breaks up real quick, possibly not enough headroom?

With these in mind, can anyone give me their input? Thanks.... yet again haha.
Deluxe is loud for self practise I think... I'd go DRRI sure is a sweet amp, I got a Blues Deluxe btw and it is good for the price.
The Classic 30 is more of a classic rock/blues amp. I'd scratch it if I were looking specifically for cleans.

The DRRI is a beautiful amp. It's the amp I play at home more than any other. It's not loud enough for gigs/jams, though. Again, if cleans are what you're looking for, I think you'll find your pushing the DRRI into it's sweet OD a little too early for your liking.

The Blues Deluxe is actually a very nice amp that fools you into thinking it's way too loud because of it's stupid linear volume pot, which results in the amp being at nearly full volume at 2 on the dial.

On the used market, there are probably better amps. I'd look seriously at Ampeg. A Reverberocket or Superjet would both provide you with outstanding, shimmery, almost Fender-like cleans. When I say "almost Fender," it's not to say Ampeg's are worse at all, just different. A little darker, perhaps. But very, very nice.

Another amp with outstanding cleans (also often compared to Fender) is the Traynor YCV 40. It has the advantage of a terrific lead channel, too, that could very well save you the purchase of an OD pedal.
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i love you slats.
Haha I love you Slats, I make threads on pretty much the same topic and you always answer.

Ampegs/Traynor's are hard to find anywhere used. Ampegs especially, since they get snatched up so quickly.

How does the Blues Deluxe compare to the DRRI in terms of clean sounds and light OD?

And is the DRRI really not loud enough to compete with drums (I could keep up with my drummer on a 15w solid, but then again we had him playing like he had chopsticks)? Could I rebias it with 6L6 and find more efficient speakers? I like the DRRI OD and I wouldn't mind pushing it there during jam sessions, I'm just hoping it will be loud enough to cut through another guitar and drums and potentially a bassist.
You can't put 6L6's in a DRRI, sorry. Despite it's 22W rating, I've gone head-to-head with my son's Palomino V16 with it, and found his amp to be louder. If you love the amp, your best bet is to either mic it, or locate it's true big brother, the Super Reverb. On it's own, I definitely wouldn't trust it to cut thru the mix - especially with another guitar or keyboard involved.

But I consider the DRRI to be tonally superior to the Blues Deluxe, and the effects on it are awesome.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Ouch. Super Reverbs are out of my price range and way too big to carry around frequently, which is why I decided to settle on a Blues Deluxe if the DRRI wouldn't loud enough. I hope the Blues Deluxe can do the clean channel justice and I won't suffer from massive regret afterwards haha.

Thanks again.
I like the blues deluxe's clean channel the OD is nice too but like slats said the linear pot is just awful (why would you put 2 different volume pots on an AMP ?)
Thanks everyone. I ended up just buying a classic 30 because I was able to nab one for $275. I just quite hope the cleans will be suitable :p.
YAY, another classic owner!

Try JJ EL84's in the power section and tungsols in the preamp.
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I ordered the JJ's and they should arrive at the same time as my Peavey. I'm still concerned that I still won't be able to get close to Fender clean (I've heard the c30 is between a Fender and Vox), any speakers you recommend?