Alright so I am considering of getting a teacher, but I am hearing such things as its not worth it and its a huge waste of cash, but lately I haven't learned much at all. I dont feel like I am going to progress very well. I know I will progress but not as good as I think I would with some guidance.

Now when looking for a teacher is their anything I should know? I don't want to be taught everything I already have learned like some of my pentatonic scales, I have most or a bunch of barre and open chords down, and I know some basic theory. But I do not wanna spend money on re-learning all that. But I also hear that teachers usually see where a students level is and start from there.

For everyone who has a teacher can you tell me how its like, and what usually you guys do with them? I need to make sure I find a good teacher if I am going to be spending a lot on money on lessons. Thanks guys.
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im a teacher, u right the first bit on the first lesson is just u showing what u can and SAYING what u would like to go and learn

so make sure u go in knowing what u actually want to do

Normally u wont find the GREAT teacher on ur first dude so u may search and go through 1-3 before finding the one that will help out the most
The value I have gottten out of a teacher has been mostly around learning different techniques that are difficult to pick up from simply reading a tab. Pinch harmonics, hitting single notes and deadening strings around them for a more funky feel, knowing when to roll from string to string vs simply switching strings with my fretting hand are a few examples of things that are easy to show, but can be convoulted to explain in writing.

This of course will be dependant on the teacher, and practicing what you are working on is paramount to getting max value out of lessons. I usually get a teacher for a few months, then take a break for a few more months so my skills can catch up with my appetite for knowledge.
getting a good guitar teacher is worth it. you spend too much time trying to reinvent the wheel when you dont have someone to tell you from experience the best way to do things. there are a lot of bad teachers out there though.
Hi Kash1333,

I think having a "good" teacher who is living what you want to live, or at least, in some good level of musicianship and personality wise, is an investment which, in my opinion, you will never regret. I have had some good teachers, and some bad ones, you might want to read this article from my teacher on the knowledge which you seek:


If you want more help, let me know, I'd be glad to help you as much as I can.

Take care, and keep on practicing fellow musician!

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All beginners can bennefit from a teacher, but after you get the basics down I think you need to practice for yourself for a while.
i was self taught for about 3 months, then got a teacher for about 6 months, then carried on on my own for about 6 months, got a new teacher and im good mates with my new teacher and now knows exactly what i like and what new stuff will benefit my playing.

get a teacher and if you dont connect then he/she aint for you
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All beginners can benefit from a teacher, but after you get the basics down I think you need to practice for yourself for a while.

For me it was the exact opposite I got the basics down myself and went to teacher for more advanced.I think a it is a waste of money to get a teacher to teach you basic chords but after that they can be a big help. I like my teacher in that he follows no set structure he takes what I am interested in at the moment and gives me guidance and techniques based off that but other people my prefer a more standardized structure.
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I think a it is a waste of money to get a teacher to teach you basic chords

More than just chords, the right way to grip, finger exercises, how to improvise. etc. My point being, if you get an instructor from the very begining, you'll avoid a lot of bad habits. Then once you grasp the basics, there is a vast amount of things you can learn and perfect on your own. Of course special styles and techniques that you are unfamiliar with an instructor can be useful.