Really am torn between these three USB interfaces.

Which is the best?

Bearing in mind I have the dreaded Windows Vista.
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Go with the m-audio. They are on the ball with vista drivers

If you had XP, the E-MU would be the better choice.

Vista isnt bad, sure it has its flaws but once you get used to working with and and if you have a nice PC, it really doesn't cause many problems.
Im happy with it and use it every day in my studio.
I have a tone port and honestly I hated it at first due to me not being patient enough to mess with the digital amps settings to get a tone i liked. But after getting used to it I get some great sounding recordings. The best part of the tone port is the updatability. You can literally make any tone you can imagine. The hard part is replicating those sounds for live playing on an amp. If i were you id just save my pennies and get the pod x3 pro to record guitars. Its amazing!
Forgot to mention. Ive recorded over 90 songs on my laptop with windows vista using the toneport (kb37 version) and my pot xt with no problems at all.