I guess I should've acknowledged it earlier - The fact that the only people who read my pieces listen to Nu Metal. The regulars have fled from me like a sinking ship and I've been left to entertain 14 year olds with long unwashed hair who wear their Gibson 2001 Les Paul Line t-shirts three sizes to big to school everyday.

So to all of you pissy children, here's a piece for you. I figure I may as well write for the only people who read anything I do anymore. Here's a song for you:

Hate my MOM!
Hate my DAD!
Why's my life gotta be so SAD!?
Why can't I just be GLAD!
It's something I've never HAD!!


Girl, ou look at meeeee.
Help me out so I can seeeee.
The better side of meeee.
I just want to seeee.
Falling in fear.
Drowning down here.
Pull me away!
Fear fear fear!
All I see is FEAR!!!!

There you go.
Maybe now I'll get a decent crit.
Poor advice.
Most badass lyrics I've seen all week.
Quote by fukyu1980
LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
Girl, ou look at meeeee.

i think u mean 'you'

dis aint 2 bad aye

i reckon a nother verse tho. screamo?

bit cliche tho i thnk. idk. i guess its personal cjhoice. bit emo 2.

i reckn it shud be. i got a wicked riff in mah hed when i read it.
O! music: Click (Youtube)

^ Click to see an acoustic arrangement of Ke$ha's 'Your Love is my Drug' - everyone's favourite song.
Why are you pissed off? Cuz we gave you honest critique? Ignore the disturbed fans if they're not helping, but don't get mad at me because I told you how I honestly felt about your work...
d00d i bet it wuud sownd guud like Staynd. or sung bi Fred Dersd.
There's a road that leads to the end of all suffering. You should take it.

- Jericho Caine

secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.
Quote by stellar_legs

Maybe now I'll get a decent crit.

You get what you give, Randy.

Due to what some have been discussing lately I'm bringing this to mods attention, like it or lump it. To have others pieces bumped below this whine and moan isn't fair.

You want critiques dish them out. No-one's deserting you and I'm pretty sure everyone still reads you - but I for one have no motive to offer my opinion on someone who will either A) Throw back an insult if you disagree or B) Not give anything back.

So, yeah, reported. I doubt it'll be closed, but still.
I'll leave it open, because there technically is a piece in there. (Carm or Steve, feel free to overrule on this if you see fit). However, Jamie is right Randy. No one critiques you anymore, because A) If they say something negative, you jump them, rape them, and then steal all their cookies and B) No matter how constructive they are, no matter how much they genuinely dig into your piece, they're going to get shit back.

Just because you write well, doesn't mean you are above the system. Personally, I know of at least 3 occasions where I have dug into a piece and told you what I though, negatives and positives... and I know I haven't gotten jack back from it. Which is fine for me, but many others aren't just here to read poetry/pieces... they want others to read theirs... which means that you go on a blacklist when you don't return anything.
Oh poor pathetic Randy. Nobody gives a crit about Randy. Guess what Randy.
You wanted attention, you got it. I just checked your posting history.
Are you interested in knowing when the last time you visited an S&L piece that wasn't your own and was not a WotM piece? Over a month ago.

Get back in game and start giving crits, or just drown in your own tears.
Your choice. But reset your watch. Since you demanded so much attention, I checked your two most recent posts.

1 - You're about 12 hours early on the 24 hour rule.
2 - You're about 12 hours early on the 6 day rule.


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