Hi all,

I've come to realise that, to get a better sound out of my guitar, and my new GNX3000, I should really get a better amp than my Laney HCM30R. There's nothing wrong per se with the Laney, but I feel a new amp would give a better sound. So I was thinking Marshall, perhaps one of their nice-looking MG amps cos they have crushing overdrive...

Joking! In reality, i'm looking for a tube combo amp (I have no room for a half-stack) with an effects loop, not too powerful (50w or under), but must be very versatile as I play many different types of music. I vary from punk, classic rock, heavy metal (love the Scorpions guitar tone), progressive rock, prog and thrash metal, and some clean stuff, so I want an amp that will do both clean and dsiorted tones well. It needs no onboard effects as my Digitech will handle those.

A bit of research led me to look at the Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 - 40w tube combo, effects loop, 3 channels, made in England, £475 at GAK (though I can get it cheaper, bad GAK experience):

I've also found the 50w Peavy ValveKing 112 at a much cheaper £279, but I'm not sure of the quality:

Also, I like Laney amps, so I looked at their tube amps and found they're very cheap compared to Marshalls - for less than the 40w Marshall, I could get a 120w Laney valve combo. Really, I prefer the classic Marshall tone, but if there's a good Laney amp I've overlooked, could someone point it out?

In choosing amps, I'm also very conscious of the origins of products I buy - I figure I've got too much stuff made in the likes of China and Indonesia (though Korean Ibanezes are great!), so I'd prefer a UK-made amp from Marshall or Laney where possible. This could be the deal-swinger, if anyone knows specifics.

So, are there any others I should consider? And out of these, which ones should I focus on? I know I'd need to try them out, but I'd like to know which ones should be short-listed.


PS. No offense to any MG owners!

Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
I think you will find that those are both good amps, but not outstanding. That is what most people here will say.

I have played a TSL/DSL or something (602?) at my old teachers place and I wasn't that impressed by it over the course of the whole time; he tried selling it to me as well. It was just a very average bit of kit. I know Marshall's look great and everything but they are known for high end gear. He stopped using it as it developed alot of tube problems.

Check out the Vintage Modern though, that looks good. Paul Gilbert used a few on his new CD and tour with Satriani, great sounds.